Tachyon Rose Quartz Zoisite Bracelet

Tachyon Rose Quartz Zoisite Bracelet
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Tachyon Rose Quartz Zoisite Bracelet

Feel the protective healing magical powers of Tachyon directly on your wrist. 

Zoisite helps produce growth and fertility in all aspects of life. It helps you rebirth and have a greater understanding of yourself and your connection to the outside world. This stone will help you on your journey of rediscovery, also with regards to your Higher Self. Zoisite helps expand your heart chakra and allows rejuvenation to flow through your body. 

Rose Quartz assists in all matters of love: universal, unconditional and self-love. When you are going through a heartbreak or a general painful experience, the energy of rose quartz encourages the release of pain, flooding your heart chakra with calming love. 

Length: 19 cm

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