Tachyon Shungite Mobile Phone Plates

Tachyon Shungite Mobile Phone Plates
Shungite Mobile Phone Plates:

15.90 GBP
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Tachyon Shungite Mobile Phone Plates

These fully tachyonised self-adhesive phone plates are available in the

Flower of LIfe

Tree of Life

Lotus OM symbol

Simply stick onto the back of your mobile phone to ensure all-round protection, including from 5G. Not only will you benefit from the natural protective abilities Shungite provides, but also from its full tachyonisation

Tachyon particles are constantly attracted via fine Tachyon antennas inside each one of these Shungite plates, which means that its qualities are always at its highest levels. 

Shungite is known to have strong earth and grounding energies, which means that it can help you to feel more energised by grounding your root chakra, making it easier to reconnect with the higher energies coming through the crown chakra. Shungite protects against harmful man-made radiation.

Permanent fine Tachyon energy antennas operate like magnets, attracting powerful Tachyon particles directly from Source to protect you from toxic radiation, aiding in cellular healing and helping you realign your energy bodies. 

Size: 3.5 cm