Purified Tachyon Water, 750 ml

Purified Tachyon Water, 750 ml
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Purified Tachyon Water, 750 ml

Purified 100 % Tachyon Water, 750 ml

This water has been purified and fully tachyonised, which means its water molecules operate on the highest frequency possible. Every sip of this precious water recharges and harmonises the energy fields of your cells, forming your body. Supports elimination of toxicity from radiation, chemtrails, foods, negative emotions and therefore reinforces your body's regular natural detoxification process. 

Every bottle has been fully tachyonised too, which means it can be used for your own filtered water. The Tachyon energy from the bottle will radiate into your water. This might not be quite as powerful as having the fully tachyonised water, yet it will still charge your own filtered water up to 50 %. Tachyonisation of every bottle is permanent.

You will feel the difference when drinking 1 - 2 glasses per day, depending what feels right for you. 

People who have tried Tachyon water have reported  feeling more rejuvenated, refreshed, balanced and invigorated.

Please email mail@patriziasergeant.co.uk should you have any questions.