Tachyon Throw Blanket, magical softness, Oeko Tex

Tachyon Throw Blanket, magical softness, Oeko Tex
Tachyon Throw Blanket:

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Tachyon Throw Blanket, magical softness, Oeko Tex

These comfy, cosy, cuddly light Tachyon throws are a perfect, more affordable solution for those of you who wish to indulge in the magic of these blankets. Times are hard but here is a way anybody can afford to be envelopped completely in the most powerful healing and protective energy of Tachyon.

All blankets have been washed prior to tachyonisation. Once a product has been structured, it is permanent. Therefore washing your blanket will not diminish its fine antennas woven within the energy of its fabric.

Here is what other clients had to say:

"My dreams are more intense than ever, it feels like my soul is being cleansed"

"... sleeping so well since lying or covering myself with your blanket"

"Meditating is much more powerful"

"I was finally able to clear some deeply rooted past life issues, thanks to the energy in your blanket"

Blankets are 100 % polyester and carry the environmental health certification OEKO TEX Standard 100 label, which means the product has been thoroughly tested for harmful substances and is free of that. On the lable you will find a QR code, which confirms authenticity of the Oeko Tex label. 

Size:       140 x 200 cm

Weight:  215 gr

Colours:  dark grey