Tachyon cotton snuggle blanket

Tachyon cotton snuggle blanket

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Tachyon cotton snuggle blanket

Snuggly Tachyon cotton blanket

currently only available in 4 different colours



pastel lime green, burgundy/blush red

140 x 200 cm / 950 g

100 % certified organic cotton

 This snuggly, extremely soft blanket is made in Germany using highest quality organic cotton. Please email mail@patriziasergeant.co.uk if you wish to see a photo of the different coloured blankets.

Some of the blankets are even GOTS certified; this means that their organic production as been supervised from the plantation of the cotton seed right down to the end product of the blanket itself.

The subsequent Tachyon-structuring imbues it with particularly powerful energetic properties - harmonizing, strengthening and stimulating the aura and subtle energy systems.

Envelop yourself in an ocean of energy.
Wonderful for relaxation, renewal and meditation.