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Tachyon Crystal Diamond 100 mm purple

Tachyon Crystal Diamond 100 mm purple
Tachyon Crystal Diamond 100 mm purple Use this unique crystal shaped diamond to enhance the abilities of your Third Eye....

Price: 35.90 GBP + p&p

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Tachyon Art Deco Vase

Tachyon Art Deco Vase
This  brand new 40 cm long most stylish and decorative Art Deco Vase is fully tachyonised, to give your flowers the...

Price: 14.90 GBP + p&p


Tachyon Winter Scarves

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Tachyon Winter Scarves - Bild vergrößern

These original beautiful M&S scarves for men and women will not only keep you warm during cold seasons but also constantly supply you with Tachyon particles, there to protect you from harmful toxic radiation, realigning your energy bodies, harmonising your cells, keeping your mind strong and focued.

Length 1.75 cm

Width:    31 cm

Fabric:  Acrylic

Available in colours

Cognac                 2 left

Burgundy             4 left

Deep Ocean blue 1 left

Darker Grey          1 left


Delivery time: 1-4 working days
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We Highly Recommend

Tachyon Orange Calcite Stones, natural, bulk

Tachyon Orange Calcite Stones, natural, bulk
These natural Orange Calcite stones have been fully tachyonised for you These gemstones energetically cleanse your body...

Price: 9.90 GBP + p&p

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Tachyon Rose Quartz Cat Pendant with Necklace

Tachyon Rose Quartz Cat Penda...
Tachyon Rose Quartz Cat Pendant, 4.5 cm with Silver Plated Necklace 51 cm For cat lovers especially; this original...
Price: 25.90 GBP + p&p

For your journey

Purified Tachyon Water, 750 ml

Purified Tachyon Water, 750 ml
Purified 100 % Tachyon Water, 750 ml This water has been purified and fully tachyonised, which means its water molecules...

Price: 9.90 GBP + p&p