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January Special

Tachyon Winter Scarves

Tachyon Winter Scarves
These original beautiful M&S scarves for men and women will not only keep you warm during cold seasons but also constantly...

Price: 17.90 GBP + p&p

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Tachyon Art Deco Vase

Tachyon Art Deco Vase
This  brand new 40 cm long most stylish and decorative Art Deco Vase is fully tachyonised, to give your flowers the...

Price: 14.90 GBP + p&p

Body Care/Cosmetics

Tachyon China Jade Face Massage Roller

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Tachyon China Jade Face Massage Roller  - Bild vergrößern

Tachyon China Jade Face Massage Roller

139 x 55 mm

This beautiful face roller is perfect to distress. It can aid with lymphatic drainage, make your face appear more contoured and aid with blood flow.

China Jade stands for purity and indestructibility 

According to the Encyclopedia Brtiannica this stone is beautiful and has five virtues. There is warmth in its lustre and brilliance; this is the quality of kindness. Its soft interior may be viewed from the outside revealing the goodness within, this is the quality of rectitude. Its tone is tranquil and high, it carries far and wide. This is its quality of wisdom, it may be broken but cannot be twisted, a quality of bravery and purity. 

Together with its tachyonisation, the qualities of China Jade are enhanced even more. In addition you have 5G protection for your cells, healing abilities for your 7 energy bodies, reconnecting you with the most powerful Source energy.

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We Highly Recommend

Tachyon Saree Red with Golden Embroidery

Tachyon Saree Red with Golden Embroidery
... probably the only tachyonised Saree you will find. This original Indian Saree has been equipped with very fine energy...

Price: 39.90 GBP + p&p

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Tachyon Rose Quartz & Amethyst Bracelet with Buddha

Tachyon Rose Quartz & Amethys...
Tachyon Rose Quartz & Amethyst Bracelet with Buddha, Tibetan Mala 17 cm An outstanding bracelet, with the symbol...
Price: 20.90 GBP + p&p

For your journey

Purified Tachyon Water, 750 ml

Purified Tachyon Water, 750 ml
Purified 100 % Tachyon Water, 750 ml This water has been purified and fully tachyonised, which means its water molecules...

Price: 9.90 GBP + p&p