These comfy, cosy, cuddly light Tachyon throws are a perfect, more affordable solution for those of you who wish to indulge in the magic of these blankets. Times are hard but here is a way anybody can afford to be envelopped completely in the most powerful healing and protective energy of Tachyon. All...
37.90 GBP
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The Energy Evolution of the Future

All our products are tachyonised against 5G.

We from Tachyonhouse wish to ensure that everybody is able to afford complete cellular protection during this current crisis and are pleased to be able to offer top quality products at very cost efficient prices!

Wishing you health, safety & protection, Love Patrizia xox


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Effective, elegant, affordable solutions
for home, office and personal development!

Find out for yourself how to eliminate harmful PC, mobile/cordless phone/mast, TV, microwave radiation
optimize living & work space
neutralize geopathic stress
energize water & food
with the power of Tachyon!

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Supporting a lifestyle that is healing
for body, mind, spirit & the planet!

"The energy that can be obtained from the Tachyon field is in fact the missing link that could revolutionise once and for all our opinions regarding the world in which we live; our health and energy matter." Dr. Maddalena Galliani (B.S., Ph.D., D.C.), The Tachyon Field

The human body is permeated, sustained and informed by pulsating systems of subtle energy fields. If these systems function harmoniously, we feel balanced, healthy and at ease. With the revolutionary advent of Tachyon technology in the context of complementary health care we have been given an incredibly valuable tool to flourish our well-being in new ways. Using Tachyon energy for holistic healing, health protection, prevention and amelioration of radiaton derived disease and body detoxification is simple, effortless and - with - now finally affordable for the average individual, household and business environment.

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