Practical application of Tachyon products
Tachyon products can be effectively utilized wherever destructive negative energies occur. Use Tachyon products where they are needed. Here we briefly describe the main possibilities for application:
Worn on the body
As pendant, necklace, bracelet, cell in your pocket, or as wrist- or body-warmer
  • effectively protects against electromagnetic field radiation and other disturbing outside influences
  • for more energy, higher endurance, less tiresome work, clearer thinking and a more relaxed life
  • to keep healthy and fit
  • initiates and supports the self healing forces
  • in case of pain or acute symptoms Tachyon cells can be placed directly on the affected area / body part using a bandage or surgical tape.
  • increases and stabilizes the human aura substantially
Water, beverages, food, cosmetics, natural remedies, homeopathics
Place big or small Tachyon cell in glass or jug of water. Mega cell in fridge, food storage space, under water or juice bottles, in shopping basket, under cooker.
  • Harmful emissions caused by bar codes, industrial processing and chemical residues are neutralized.
  • Water is restored to its natural energetic pattern and can perform its important tasks in and for the body much better.
  • Beverages and food taste better, are more easily digested, release more energy and stay fresh for longer.
  • Valuable nutrients can be more easily absorbed and utilized by the body.
  • Cosmetics and natural remedies increase their vitality, effectiveness and absorbability.
  • The information of homeopathics is effectively protected from potentially de-structuring outside influences.
Harmonizing bedrooms and living spaces
Tachyon mega cell or sphere under the bed, on bedside table, in living room, study, kitchen, office or child's room.
  • Negative emissions from water veins, ley lines, curry grid etc. get polarized by Tachyons and cease to block the subtle energy systems of the human being.
  • Electromagnetic fields from electrical appliances, TV, PC as well as interferences from radio/TV/cell phone, W-Lan, cordless phones etc. can equally be effectively neutralized and become harmless for living organisms.  
Use in buildings
Mega cell on water and electric meter, on gas pipe, on main heating pipe
  • Domestically used water turns vital and dextrorotatory.
  • The normally dead brackish water in radiators ceases to draw energy away from living spaces.
  • Placing or sticking a mega cell directly on the electric meter neutralizes interferences from subsequent electrical cables and appliances (electrical lights, cookers, fridges). Screens, TVs and wireless appliances like cordless phones, W-Lan etc. have to be treated separately.
Tachyon products for consumption
Clinoptilolith, Silica-Gel, nutritional supplements, Tachyon water
  • Consumption of Tachyon products is extremely effective. It can raise our energetic levels substantially.
  • “Beginners” in particular should start cautiously with small doses and then increase if necessary. Especially with preparations that get stored in the body for a longer period of time (e.g. tachyonized silicon gets stored in bones and tissues with consumption of Clinoptil S or Silica Gel) or preparations that penetrate deeply into cell metabolism (Clinoptil and Clinoptil S), cautious proceedings are indicated. Though real overdosage is not possible as our SOEF's only absorb as much energy as needed, abrupt raises to a higher level can easily cause a healing crisis (coming out's) or increased detoxification-symptoms that might initially be experienced as unpleasant. Give your body time to adapt step by step.

Tachyon versus pain

  • Since taking over this brilliant shop with all its magical products, we have had astounding feedback from clients who had suffered from long term physical and emotional pain. In both cases we were told by these loyal clients that their pains (in some cases the pain had been around for 30 years) had diminished or even completely subsided and that they were therefore able to do things they were unable to do before by simply feeling a lot lighter in their movements. It is always worth a try, isn't it?.