What is Tachyon energy ?

The pulsating stream of creative primal energy converts and transforms itself through myriads of higher and subtler energy systems right down to the level of our known physical universe. At the lowest level it creates tangible matter and living bodies. The physical level known to science, including all our planets, solar systems and galaxies, merely represents a minute fraction of the entire creation. Our mind is hardly able to grasp the vastness and abundance of this entire creation.
The energetic potential that exists prior to the physical universe is called zero-point energy. By its nature it is subject to neither space nor time. Faster than light, zero-point energy is limitless and inexhaustibly available. It is the powerhouse of the entire material world and contains the blueprint of every physical form.

This zero-point energy emits faster-than-light particles called Tachyons. Tachyons manifest no frequency and in their turn carry the entire blueprint of all material structures, but compared to zero-point energy they inaugurate form. So far, neither zero-point energy nor Tachyon energy has been technologically or scientifically validated. However, the effect of Tachyon energy on matter and living systems is unambiguously measurable using appropriate methods. Vibrating just above the speed of light, via our SOEF's (Subtle Organizing Energy Fields) Tachyons indirectly correspond with the most subtle elementary particles of matter known to current science, the leptons, quarks and bosons.

Just below the speed of light the so called SOEF's emerge. They are the tuning mechanism of all matter, every cell and every organism, and responsible for the organization of the various elementary particles. SOEF's interact with Tachyons and are nourished by Tachyon energy. If our SOEF's operate at a high level, our body is healthy, balanced and strong. Do the SOEF's lack energy, any subordinate systems deteriorate more and more into chaos and entropic, degenerative processes occur at an increasing rate, which over time can lead to symptoms of physical disease and illness.

In a technical process it has become possible to restructure certain materials at the subatomic level in such a way that they permanently attract Tachyon energy and distributes it to our SOEF's. Like an antenna, Tachyon products teleport Tachyons from hyper-space and emit them into the surrounding area. Once the “gateway” to Tachyon energy is opened, it is kept open by the permanent flow of Tachyons and will not close again.
Penetrating the world of energy systems with a deeper understanding always means to filter out unwanted, destructive energies and to develop lasting positive qualities. The further we raise our consciousness, the fuller and more powerful the stream of primal energy is experienced and the more we become aware of the harmony and incredible beauty inherent in all creation. May the all-embracing power of love grant us one day the lightness to deliberately and repeatedly tune into hyper-space where the glory and the real treasures of nature are hidden. It is here that true knowledge is revealed to us and we instantly understand, without having to think, through direct perception.