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December Special

Tachyon Crystal Diamond 80 mm red

Tachyon Crystal Diamond 80 mm red
Tachyon Crystal Diamond 80 mm red A decorative unique shiny crystal diamond, beautiful to look at, for people who are drawn...

Price: 27.90 GBP + p&p

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Cells Big > Cells Ocean

Cells Ocean

2 Tachyon Cells Large2 Tachyon Cells Large
2 Tachyon Cells Large, turquoise and clear blue 4 - 4,5 cm diameter   These beautiful Tachyon glass cells are perfect for plants, to be placed... more
9.95 GBP
+ p&p
3 Tachyon Cells BIG3 Tachyon Cells BIG
  3 beautiful high-quality Tachyon glass cells in diameter ca. 35 - 40 mm, thickness ca. 6 mm blue / red / yellow         Using... more
12.95 GBP
+ p&p
3 Tachyon Cells, Sea Shell3 Tachyon Cells, Sea Shell
3 Tachyon Cells, Sea Shell iris green and light blue, 2,5 cm More enhancing Tachyon structured sea life for your house or as a perfect meaningful gift. What... more
9.95 GBP
+ p&p
Tachyon Glass Cell, Sweetheart, redTachyon Glass Cell, Sweetheart, red
Tachyon Glass Cell, Sweetheart, red, 3 cm This beautiful vibrant red glass cell in the shape of a heart is perfect in every way; as a small gift, for... more
5.99 GBP
+ p&p
Tachyon Green Glass Frog, 4 cmTachyon Green Glass Frog, 4 cm
Tachyon Green Glass Frog, 4 cm Enrich your living space with this unique decorative glass frog, protecting you from toxic radiation, healing you on every... more
6.99 GBP
+ p&p
Tachyon Heart, Moon, Star, SquareTachyon Heart, Moon, Star, Square
Tachyon Heart, Moon, Star, Square 3,0 cm x 4,5 cm A selection of highly Tachyon structured cells in different shapes to bring colour and vibrancy to... more
9.95 GBP
+ p&p


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We Highly Recommend

The Eternal Soul

The Eternal Soul
Robert Armstrong's 'The Eternal Soul' is an exploration into the meaning of existence and our role as members of a human...

Price: 6.00 GBP + p&p

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Tachyon Clear Glass Crystal Pyramid

Tachyon Clear Glass Crystal P...
Tachyon Clear Crystal Glass Pyramid 60 - 69 gramm, 37 - 43 mm   A stylish gem for any place, anywhere, inside your...
Price: 17.99 GBP + p&p

Our recommendation

Tachyon Glass Sphere, 80 mm, dark blue

Tachyon Glass Sphere, 80 mm, dark blue
Tachyon Glass Sphere, dark blue, 80 mm The dark blue colour of this sphere makes us feel like we have dived right into the...

Price: 33.90 GBP + p&p