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March Special

Tachyon Crystal Diamond 80 mm red

Tachyon Crystal Diamond 80 mm red
Tachyon Crystal Diamond 80 mm red A decorative unique shiny crystal diamond, beautiful to look at, for people who are drawn...

Price: 29.90 GBP + p&p

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Cells Big > Cells Ocean

Cells Ocean

2 Tachyon Cells Large2 Tachyon Cells Large
2 Tachyon Cells Large, turquoise and clear blue 4 - 4,5 cm in diameter   These beautiful Tachyon glass cells are perfect for plants, to be placed... more
10.95 GBP
+ p&p
3 Tachyon Cells BIG3 Tachyon Cells BIG
3 beautiful high quality Tachyon glass cells approx. 35 - 40 mm, thickness approx. 6 mm   Using a technical procedure, these... more
12.95 GBP
+ p&p
3 Tachyon Cells, Sea Shell3 Tachyon Cells, Sea Shell
3 Tachyon Cells, Sea Shell iris green and light blue, 2,5 cm More enhancing Tachyon structured sea life for your house or as a perfect meaningful gift. What... more
10.95 GBP
+ p&p
Tachyon Glass Cell, Sweetheart, redTachyon Glass Cell, Sweetheart, red
Tachyon Glass Cell, Sweetheart, red, 3 cm This beautiful vibrant red glass cell in the shape of a heart is perfect in every way; as a small gift, for... more
6.99 GBP
+ p&p
Tachyon Green Glass Frog, 4 cmTachyon Green Glass Frog, 4 cm
Tachyon Green Glass Frog, 4 cm Enrich your living space with this unique decorative glass frog, protecting you from toxic radiation, healing you on every... more
7.99 GBP
+ p&p
Tachyon Heart, Moon, Star, SquareTachyon Heart, Moon, Star, Square
Tachyon Heart, Moon, Star, Square 3,0 cm x 4,5 cm A selection of highly Tachyon structured cells in different shapes to bring colour and vibrancy to... more
10.95 GBP
+ p&p


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We Highly Recommend

Tachyon cotton snuggle blanket

Tachyon cotton snuggle blanket
  Snuggly Tachyon cotton blanket 150 x 200 cm  / 1400 g 100 % certified organic cotton  in gentle...

Price: 82.90 GBP + p&p

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Tachyon Tiger's Eye Heart Pendant

Tachyon Tiger's Eye Heart Pen...
Tachyon Tiger's Eye Heart Pendant 925 silver, 38 x 20 mm This outstanding pendant is just the perfect size for anybody...
Price: 19.90 GBP + p&p

Our recommendation

Tachyon Glass Energy Sphere, 8 cm, pink champagne

Tachyon Glass Energy Sphere, 8 cm, pink champagne
High quality, extremely powerful Tachyon sphere with bubbles pink champagne 8 cm, weight approx. 950 g    Utilizing...

Price: 33.90 GBP + p&p