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Tachyon Crystal Diamond 80 mm red

Tachyon Crystal Diamond 80 mm red
Tachyon Crystal Diamond 80 mm red A decorative unique shiny crystal diamond, beautiful to look at, for people who are drawn...

Price: 27.90 GBP + p&p

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Cells Big

3 Tachyon Cells BIG

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3 beautiful high-quality Tachyon glass cells
in diameter ca. 35 - 40 mm, thickness ca. 6 mm
blue / red / yellow
Using a technical procedure, these glass cells have been restructured at a sub-atomic level and thus converted into Tachyon-energy antennae. They have the capacity to permanently attract natural zero-point energy and create a strongly harmonizing energy field around themselves.
These beautiful and highly effective glass cells are best used to be taped on the body as well as for your pocket, purse, water jug or to enliven your house plants.
They are especially well suited for the acute treatment of wounds and pains. Use surgical tape or a bandage to affix one or more cells to the affected body part and they will be able to bring about small miracles. Try it out!
The effectiveness of this Tachyon cells remains fully intact over time. Don´t miss out on this precious gift of nature - get one for yourself.
            This Tachyon Cells:
    • neutralize electromagnetic radiation and geopathic disturbances
    • strengthen your subtle energy bodies
    • activate your natural self-healing capacity
    • support general well-being and focus 


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