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February Special

Tachyon Crystal Diamond 80 clear

Tachyon Crystal Diamond 80 clear
Tachyon Crystal Diamond Clear, 80 mm A beautiful decorative piece of shiny clear crystal diamond, almost there to remind...

Price: 29.90 GBP + p&p

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Tachyon Palmstone Snowflake Obsidian

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Tachyon Snowflake Obsidian

70 x 50 x 22 mm


Snowflake Obsidian helps to keep mind, body and spirit in balance and gives us great focus in a chaotic situation. It can remove negativity from a place or a person with ease and is therefore - together with its Tachyon structure - even stronger in those abilities.

It helps to draw negative emotions to the surface and to examine harmful unhealthy patterns or belief systems so that we can move closer and smoother towards truth.

This stone works on the skeletal and vascular system and is said to support smooth skin.


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Tachyon cotton snuggle blanket

Tachyon cotton snuggle blanket
  Snuggly Tachyon cotton blanket 150 x 200 cm  / 1400 g 100 % certified organic cotton  in gentle...

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Tachyon Tiger's Eye Heart Pendant

Tachyon Tiger's Eye Heart Pen...
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Tachyon Glass Sphere, 80 mm, dark blue

Tachyon Glass Sphere, 80 mm, dark blue
Tachyon Glass Sphere, dark blue, 80 mm The dark blue colour of this sphere makes us feel like we have dived right into the...

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