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Tachyon Aventurine Palmstone with gold Flower of Life engraving

Tachyon Aventurine Palmstone with gold Flower of ...
Tachyon Aventurine Palmstone with gold Flower of Life engraving 38 mm Very pratical sized pocket palmstone that fits into...

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Tachyon China Jade Face Massage Roller

Tachyon China Jade Face Massage Roller
Tachyon China Jade Face Massage Roller 139 x 55 mm This beautiful face roller is perfect to distress. It can aid with...

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Tachyon Clear Glass Cube/Cuboid

Tachyon Clear Glass Cube/Cuboid
Tachyon Clear Glass Cube 3,5 x 3,5 x 3,5 cm 5.5 x 4 x 4 cm A perfect small modern glass cube or the bigger cuboid version,...

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Most important for us -
happy, healthy & pleased customers!

TachyonhouseUK is a young and dynamically growing business and your ideas and suggestions on how to make this site even more user friendly are highly welcome. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from both personal as well as online customers is the real motivation behind all our endeavours. It keeps us going, encourages us to continue, stick to it, experiment with new things and aim to continuously improve our products and services.

Should it happen in rare cases that something doesn't work straight away, is defect, not delivered or just doesn't fit, please get in touch. We are here to serve you to the highest and best and to find a quick and easy solution for you as our customer. 

"That blue tachyon blanket is extraordinary...
By "chance" we already had a blanket originally made by the same company - it was a blanket we really liked....

And now this blue, infused with those special Tachyon energies....and in this "extra"-ordinary time........

Thank you - I don't really have words to describe the "differences" - but the energise have definitely changed....
and, yes, they require that we 'step up to the plate'...."

J.O. 22nd April 2020

Feedback from our global customers:

The following testimonial is put together from extracts of different email updates from my client (L.G.) who started ordering Tachyon products from the online shop (tachyonhouse.co.uk) in March 2018. In July '18 L.G. then came for her first Journey process, combined with a Reiki session. Note that by clearing issues, we also open doors to receiving more abundance into our lifes!

L.G. had open ulcers on her leg and toe ..

6th March

I hope that the Tachyon products I have received will help with the healing of a leg ulcer which I have had for months now. I have stuck the Tachyon glass cell directly over the wound on top of a thin plaster.

8th March

As you say I hope some of the blockages can be dissolved as the lack of blood flow.


27th March

Yes I have been placing the cells on my leg. The ulcer has improved greatly.
What I have noticed though is an increase in my energy levels as well as my creative energy as I make ceramic and glass jewellery and I have rented another studio space …. all of this has come together over the past few weeks!


9th April

Just wanted to send you a picture of my leg now so you see that it is all healed!

This latest ulcer began on 16th  Nov last year; all this time I was trying to get it to heal.

I started placing the cells on my leg on 6th March and it has been healing since  7th April,

so in just four weeks.


22nd April

Thank you as I received the parcel with the Tachyon blanket yesterday so had my first nite last nite under the blanket. I actually felt refreshed when I woke up this morning! Usually I feel horrible in the morning. The pain in the left toe is reduced as well so I'm looking forward to the continuing benefits and I imagine once the body starts healing it can continue on its own process. 


31st May

To be honest I haven't really been doing that well.

I have developed a small ulcer under the middle toe and although small it has been 

so painful and prevents proper walking.

My leg is all healed and has remained healed but I can't seem to get this one to heal.

On a positive note it has not got any worse since it came around a month ago.


27th July

I really don't want to be too ahead of myself in saying this but the ulcer on my ankle is half the size and under the toe I'm using just s small plaster when before I had to use loads of padding on it. Also it's not weeping.

When I sleep it's like a much deeper sleep which is all good.


Healing to be continued

Just to tell you about my mother, I gave her the Tachyon blanket; She became very well a week after receiving the blanket - even my skeptical sister had to admit to the positivity of the blanket as nothing else treatment wise had changed.

She's progressed gradually since, has set backs when she picks up serious infections - taking chemo tablets that destroy her blood cells, but here we are 6 months on and she has washed her floors this morning and cleaned the bathroom😀

She took her blanket into hospital with her, I washed it when we got to her home. She was very cross with me as she felt I had washed the goodness from it. I told her that's not possible, but I don't think it's been washed since.

The blanket is on her bed at night and behind her back on the chair during the day. It improved her hugely, energy wise, mood wise during those couple of weeks.
Thank you Patrizia for all you do, take care,'

Lots of love, O.H., 23rd Nov 2018

Hi Patrizia,

Just a bit of feedback on the blanket. I have had the opportunity to try it on several occasions and it appears to have both a calming effect and does help to shift energy. I look forward to using it further and see what happens.

A friend of mine, who is far more energy aware than I am, held the blanket for a while and she could feel an immediate effect. I gave her one of your cards and I believe she will be contacting you with a view to placing an order.'

E.P, 21st Nov. 2018

Hi Patrizia
Thank you as I received the parcel yesterday so had my first nite last nite under the blanket . I actually felt refreshed when I woke up this morning! Usually I feel horrible in the morning. The pain in the left toes is reduced as well so I'm looking forward to the continuing benefits and I imagine once the body starts healing it can continue on its own process.
The body lotion is really good as well a subtle smell but it absorbs really well.
Thank you so much for all your help and I will keep you updated.
L.G. April 2018

"I hereby full heartedly recommend Tachyonhouse and its services and products to anyone interested! I do this because Patrizia, who runs the company, is very service minded, a noble and professional business woman, in her own right, with her heart at the right place! She has proven this to me, over and over! Another reason i recommend Patrizia's Tachyonhouse, besides her personal qualities, is the high level quality her tachyonized products holds: they are on a high vibrational level and although Tachyon energy sometimes may be perceived subtle, rest assured these products are quite profound and always, always working their purpose, which is to balance, clear and vibrationally heighten anything they get in connection with, in a total natural way! It's so simple; just keep the tachyonized object on you, or in your home and it will naturally gather and radiate that balancing, beneficial and healing life force energy to its environment!

Before sending her Tachyon products off to your home, Patrizia gives the products Reiki blessings along with well wishing from her heart -  these pure and good intentions are a contributing factor to creating a lovely and tender, yet profound vibration and sensation, being transmitted from all of her products!

Investing in Tachyon equals investing in health and although it will start to positively affect you, your energy field and body, from the moment you get it; remember it's a tool and will work with you, but everyones experience of a Tachyon product may differ somewhat, so give your self time to experience the heightened Tachyon influence..and please do experiment with it!"

S.L. 2nd April 2018

I have been placing the cells on my leg; the ulcer had improved greatly, that is why I wanted more cells to tape to the thigh area where the blockage was.
What I have also noticed though is an increase in my energy levels as well as my creative energy as I make ceramic and glass jewellery. What you suggest about Tachyon structure cloths or other objects sounds like a marvellous idea....

LG, 27th March 2018

Hello, my name is Darshi. In 1990 I had an accident, which damaged the nerves in my lower back. The pain I felt was excruciating. Doctors gave regular morphine injections. After they had to stop, I was prescribed strong pain killers. The pains never went away, they became chronic in time and spread throughout the body Ten years ago, after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (FM), I had had enough. You can imagine the pain - severe chronic pain throughout the body, plus FM.

In almost twenty six years I have never known a day without pain.

Going to so many “healers”over the years, trying every pain eliminating, relieving product I was told and heard of!

Nothing worked. I gave in , surrendered.. 

Doubt set in. 

A deep doubt, and this doubt was painful, it added more pain. The pain now had spread  from the body into the mind. It had gone deeper.

The climate of the modern world is doubt, because the modern world is based on science; science depends on doubt for it’s existence, doubt is it’s foundation. The modern world has become scientific because we have been trained to doubt within our education system. We have not been trained to trust. Science cannot exist with trust. Trust has almost disappeared from the modern world. The madness and sadness is; without trust there is no growth. Without trust nothing is healed. Healing needs our trust. We cannot grow in consciousness with doubt, so science doesn’t help us grow. Trust helps us grow Trust opens doors that doubt cannot, science cannot.

Trust in these days of doubt is rare to find. For each one of us trust needs a quantum leap. A leap of faith. It needs a ‘Yes” in our hearts.

To try Tachyon products for my pains was just that - a leap of faith

It was one of the best leaps in my many years of searching for pain relief.

Added to these tremendous authentic products that I highly and totally recommend for anyone who has any unwanted pains and fatigue is Patrizia.

If you still have any niggling doubts, then contact Patrizia at Tachyonhouse. I will say with all sincerity: your doubts will simply dissolve ...you may even feel something new :-)

I have the spheres, the blankets, and the body warmers, plus pendants, pyramids and stones as my friends.

Darshi DHP MIAH, 02.11.16

Dear Patrizia,
It has been a busy few weeks for me since I received your Tachyon.
To say I love them is an understatement.
I love the postcards and have sent my daughter 2 of the postcards (she is at university). My son has autism and I have put 2 in his bedroom hoping that it will balance him out too. Thank you for the glass cells too they were a nice touch and I use them for drinking water. They are nice in the bath when I have a bath.
I have been using the chakra set every day since they arrived and can really feel them on me. I use them at night when I go to bed for about 10 mins and if I get the chance in the morning too. Sometimes I carry 2 of them in my trouser pockets all day, varying the colours. If I place them under a drink I notice that it really influences the taste, especially coffee.

R.G. 1st November 2017

Hi Patrizia, I took your idea and put one of the cells in my water filter, I have noticed my cats drinking more from it than they used to. I also noticed that they seem to love the energy as as soon as I sit down they all want to be near me. Even my plants have picked up and look healthier from the tachyon cell in my water.

Here is my experince of the tachyon pendant and cells thus far, I have noticed the following things, more positive thoughts, not stressing so much, more clarity, its like someone removed the fog, I felt quite euphoric for about four days, now its balanced out but I am still laughing most things off, not so stressed and bothered by other people's actions than I used to be which is brilliant.
I get a lot of pain in one of my breasts since I had breast cancer in 2011, I put one of the cells inside my bra and left it there everyday and the pain has so far gone. I also kept getting a fungus type thing in my finger nails, (I work with paint and a lot of things like that as I renovate furniture) the doctors took samples and said nothing was wrong but I kept getting black nails, it was very odd but also horrible to look at, getting me down, I had black nail varnish on, well two days ago I removed the polish and to my total shock, all my nails were free from this fungus type thing, they were clear and bright. My thumb nails had lots of ridges as well as the fungal infection and they are now smother and returning to health, honestly I am shocked and amazed at these results in such a short space of time, I cant tell you : -) x

Denise, Hampshire

Zeljka Psenica, August 2015

Pendant reduce pain in my spine...but only when I wear it...as soon as I take it off pain is caming back and it is not easier than usual. Pendant is good for relief, just like a pill, but not healing anything...however this is a healthy pill and I like it very much. Thank you once again!

Daniel Parker, Cambridgeshire, June 2015

As you know, I purchased a few pendants, and handed them to my mum, Ann, her partner, Paul and my sister Paris.

Well the first thing I noticed was a feeling of grounding. That’s how I would describe it, at least. I feel more grounded and feel more settled. It’s quite hard to describe exactly, the feelings, but I am certain now that these Tachyon stones really do have positive effects,

My mum's partner has suffered from arthritis in his knees for a long time, after working as a gas fitter for years, working on his knees. They operated on his knees, which made them worse if anything. He started using walking aids and some days struggled to walk downstairs. Well,. guess what.. Immediately after wearing the pendant, his knee pain reduced significantly and it just got better from there. He no longer uses walking aids and can walk for a few hours a day over a weekend without any problem. He cannot understand why, but he has attributed the positive advancements in his knees' health to wearing the Tachyon pendant. It’s funny, because he doesn’t want to believe that it could be a stone that has helped his knees! Like he said, “I don’t know how or why a stone can help me so much, but there is no other explanation, the effects were instant and have lasted until now”. That for me is a wonderful result! I’m so happy for him. He springs out of the chair, he moves around much faster, he is obviously much happier being in less pain. Thanks to the Tachyon pendant.

My brother and mother seem much more settled too and my mum is far less stubborn and open to trying new ideas. It has certainly helped her too.

Anyways, I just wanted to share our experiences and say a big thank you .

Best Regards,

Dan Parker

Robert Macefield from Oxfordshire, May 2013

Just a report on my silk liner.
I have spent a few nights with it, and can tell it is tachyonized. No vivid dreams or astral flying! However I have woken up feeling refreshed and energized. When sitting with it around my shoulders my body warms up.
It really is a wonderful discovery.
I remember hearing the name tachyon in a Star Trek film some years ago, but never thought they would have a real application.

A very good customer who wishes to stay anonymous, 12th December 2012

Hello Patrizia well, that sunshine pashmina for my friend is proving delightful. She wore it for a big presentation she had to do at college and had a really good time, her mood has lifted beautifully, a lot of that due to her own good work on herself, but her field is definitely lighter and brighter . . . and she loves the sunshine of the pashmina...

and I'm really enjoying the pendulum. I usually rely on intuition and/or subtle muscle testing (on myself) but there's some very specific questioning I'm doing at the moment (to do with the hz frequencies required for healing specific things) and the pendulum is clearly the best way to do it . . . so thank you again! so glad I found you!!

with love

Richard Collins, South Africa, 30th October 2012

Hello Pat,

The Kidney Warmer is absolutely amazing. I think everybody should have one.

I have more energy. My lower back pain is gone, I am more flexible.

I should have replied sooner, but I wanted to try out your product
properly, and to make sure I was not imagining the benefits.

The other patients at the clinic are also telling me, how much better I look..

This is all SO GREAT.

I am one true happy customer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank-you Patrizia.

Jenny, Beverly Hills, 13. November 2012

I love the Tachyon, wouldn't know what I'd do without it.  I gave one of the bracelets to a friend of mine that has carpal tunnel.  With wearing the it she is relief of pain and has full mobility with her hand and wrist.  She is as amazed as I am.

Last Saturday I felt like I was coming down with a flu and came home early from work to rest.  I placed the 3 large size cells on my forehead and a pendant on my throat in an attempt to relief myself from the pounding head and sore throat that was beginning to form.  I stayed in bed and had chicken soup and took probiotics for two days.  By Monday morning (today), I returned to work without ever having a temperature or sore throat.  I am perfectly fine. 

I did the exact same thing about three years ago when I was feeling like I was coming down with a flu.    

Damien Aubert - France - 10.March 2010
Hello Naraya, I really thank you for all those answers. I enjoy to deal with you. It feels like a family and simple way of life through you messages and web site. It's really nice.

Rebecca Wheatley - UK - 29.July 2009
I have noticed a number of differences since using the tachyon
pendants and having the spheres in the house!  My energy has certainly
increased, and from the first time of holding the palmstone I was aware
of the energy of the products which is incredibly 'buzzy'.
 I have noticed my appetite has decreased, I
am simply eating smaller portions which is enough for my body anyway.  
I am overwhelmed by the effects it is having on me - it is like natural caffeine!!

Diana Plumer - UK - 28.June 2009
Thank you Naraya, I am absolutely delighted with all my tachyon purchases.

Sreedevi Eswaran - Dubai - November 2008 
Must add that your tachyon blankets are amazing, as are the scarves. My husband has chronic bronchitis from his earlier habit of smoking and the scarf helps so much in preventing the infection from becoming severe. How he loves his blue scarf!

Erik Petersen -Denmark- 29.June 2006 
I had a skilled psychic make a channelling about Tachyon energy and in particular your Tachyon products. I finally asked her to compare your products to those of David Wagner of Advanced Tachyon Technologies. She said that both had an equally high Tachyon quality. There were a few not so important differences caused by the personal influence of the creators and their difference in business morale. Thank you.

Carol Logan - United Kingdom - 12.November 2006 
I have been impressed with your prompt and friendly response. I feel like you are giving a personal service which feels good.

Michael Chandler - Arizona - 10.October 2006 
Thank you for offering such wonderful products to enhance our life. You offer many different selections and are very competitive in price to products found in USA. I admire your natural and neutral outlook in life and the simple yet powerful presentation of your products.

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