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November Special

Tachyon Saree, silk crepe, black, with golden zari border, curly snake

Tachyon Saree, silk crepe, black, with golden zar...
Tachyon silk crepe Saree, black, with golden zari border, curly snake Probably the only Tachyon structured Saree available...

Price: 59.90 GBP + p&p

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Effects of Tachyon products ...
Tachyon products attract subtle life energy (Tachyons) and emit them into their surroundings. They induce a strongly energizing and harmonizing force field around them.
This force field lastingly strengthens our SOEF's (Subtle Organizing Energy Fields = energy fields vibrating just below the speed of light that tune the regulating mechanism of every cell and organism), activates our self healing tendencies and effectively protects us from negative outside influences. Every living organism begins to work on a higher level and responds with healing relaxation and increased focus.
Tachyon products polarize incoherent fields, e.g. electronic or radio smog, as well as geopathic disturbances, at the subatomic level and therefore render them harmless for living organisms. Using Tachyon products, water, food, cosmetics or medicines may be energetically cleansed and vitalized.
The highly positive effects on human energy levels can be clearly demonstrated with appropriate methods, e.g. Prognos, Kirlian photography, Biophoton measuring, Enderlein stethoscopy or skin resistance measurements. Those versed with the pendulum, Biotensor, Y-rod or with Kinesiology can use these tools to gather their own impressions about the amazing effects of Tachyon products.

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Tachyon Pendant Nebula, Tantra

Tachyon Pendant Nebula, Tantra
Tachyon Pendant Nebula, Tantra 1 inc, 3 cm Nebula is also known as the new silver, a collection by Peter Stone. This is...

Price: 16.99 GBP + p&p