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September Special

Tachyon glass sphere, handmade, green light pigments

Tachyon glass sphere, handmade, green light pigme...
Tachyon glass sphere, handmade, with green light pigments 5 cm A joy to look at. Its green pigments are held together in...

Price: 10.99 GBP + p&p

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The information on this Website is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to substitute informed medical advice or care. Never use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting a qualified medical practitioner.Always use your common sense about using complementary health products and seek appropriate and professional medical advice for any health related issues you might be experiencing.TachyonHouseUK or any of it's staff or representatives can not be held responsible or accept liability for any negative consequences, damage or injury resulting from the use of any of our advice or products.

As with many other complementary methods, e.g. acupuncture or homoeopathy, the effectiveness of Tachyon energy has not yet been proven by mainstream scientifically accepted methods. This applies, too, for all TachyonHouse products.

Though worldwide experiences with Tachyon products suggest same, no healing effect can be guaranteed.

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We Highly Recommend

The Eternal Soul

The Eternal Soul
Robert Armstrong's 'The Eternal Soul' is an exploration into the meaning of existence and our role as members of a human...

Price: 6.00 GBP + p&p

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Tachyon Hematite Donut Pendant

Tachyon Hematite Donut Pendant
Tachyon Hematite Donut Pendant 35 mm This very stylish shiny Hematite pendant is perfect for any occasion and can be carried...
Price: 15.90 GBP + p&p

Our recommendation

Tachyon Energy Crystal Glass Sphere orange/amber,  80 mm

Tachyon Energy Crystal Glass Sphere orange/amber,...
Tachyon Energy Crystal Glass Sphere orange/amber 80 mm Beautiful harmonising Glass sphere with the warm colour of orange. This...

Price: 33.90 GBP + p&p